Re-Building Your Business – Part 2

The pandemic may have impacted the value of your company in the short-term, but that value may not be lost forever. It can be rebuilt rapidly with some thoughtful planning. Instead of restoring what you had, think about your business through the lens of an acquirer. That way, you can rebuild your company with the end in mind.

There are only a handful of things acquirers evaluate when considering an acquisition, so they tend to have the most significant impact on the value of your company. Some of these attributes are obvious, but others may surprise you.

If you’d like to explore what drives business value for your company, I would happy to explore with you.

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Frank Mancieri, Chief Growth Advisor

Frank Mancieri helps business owners increase their company value by focusing on business value drivers, helping to increase profits, better manage and increase cash flow, mitigate risk, and when appropriate, plan for their future exit. Frank is Chief Growth Advisor with GT Growth & Transition Strategies, LLC. He uses his 20+ years in private business, his 14+ years as a business advisor, and his knowledge and experience to help business owners use their companies to achieve their personal goals. He has received advance training as a Certified Business Exit Consultant®, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and an MBA, both from Bryant University, and he is an adjunct professor at Rhode Island College.